With background and business in art gallery ownership, and a professional history in architecture and design, Gurari Collections offers art consultancy and design services. Our experience can be used at any given point of a project from a single wall to a complex space project. Gurari Collections can provide the art and artifacts, as well as the guidance to its clients in the fields of art and design.

Our services include art acquisitions, curatorial and exhibition design, appraisal, research documentation and framing.
Architecture and Interior design services including furniture and product design are available.

Gurari Collections has provided services to museums, institutions, international designers, and private collections. Artists the gallery represents have work in the permanent collections of The Boston Museum of Fine Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art, The British Museum, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art and the Boston Public Library,.

The gallery has been recognized in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Vanity Fair, Bravo Television, Boston Magazine, Design New England, Art New England, Artscope ...